Birkmyre Love Affair at Paridel joined us in April 2005 at the tender age of 8 weeks. 

 Zoe was a cheeky wee pup but blossomed into a semi sedate young lady.  Zoe had a wonderful temperament and a lovely sweet expression.  She was exceptionally loving and in between cuddles she loved playing with her ball or a plastic bottle.  Zoe had the most fantastic pedigree, which you can read at the bottom of this page, mixing the fabulous Jasand line which we admired and started with all those years ago with the well known Amalie line of today.  In fact, it was after seeing Zoe's beautiful mother as a pup in 2001 that encouraged me to start again with showing. 

Photo by Photocall of Zoe aged 4 years

Thank you to Bob and Naomi for our beautiful girl, you know how much we adore and miss her!

Zoe qualified for Crufts 2007 and in August 2007 we were delighted when she was awarded her Kennel Club Stud Book Number thus giving Zoe lifetime qualification for Crufts.
Zoe was very rarely unplaced and had numerous Best of Breeds, a group 2 and a group 4 to her credit.

In June 2009 our beautiful Zoe was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  This was devastating news as we realised we would not have our precious girl for much longer.  Sadly we had to make the heartbreaking decision on 17th October as  Zoe's health deteriorated at an alarming rate and although it broke our hearts we had to prevent her from suffering.  Zoe was a wonderful little girl who has made a lasting impression on our lives and will never be forgotten.  Sleep tight our wee darling. xxxx

Above and below, informal photos of Zoe relaxing at her favourite park after being very brave at the vets on 29.06.09.

Below is our beautiful girl after her jaunt in the park.

It's a hard life!

Below are some of Zoe's critiques

"Very feminine, good head with correct ear carriage, eyes medium sized and dark brown giving her a lovely expression, good topline with correct tailset, moved out well"

"S/w bitch with a lot to like, her head handles well, lovely, dark almond shaped eyes and a good moulded head, used her ears non stop and was very attentive to her handler, good depth of chest and level topline, moved out really well and her movement won her Best of Breed over a gorgeous puppy"

"Cracking head, eye and ears with correct expression, good front angles, correct ribcage and rear angles, moved and showed well."

"Sweet head and expression, good body proportions, moved well."

Above is a photo of Zoe the day we collected her from Bob and Naomi McDowall aged 8 weeks.

(Judging by the photo, we should have realised then that she was going to be a wild one!)

Below you will see Zoe's more formal photographs.

Head study by Tony Iley of Zoe aged 18 months

Photo by Photocall of Zoe aged 2 years

Photo by Photocall of Zoe aged 4 years

Birkmyre Love Affair at Paridel

 05.02.05 - 17.10.09

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